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Martha's Ammo & Collectibles

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Pistol & Rifle Ammo 4 of 7

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PR37.  Peters RUSTLESS 401 Win. Self Loading.  200 Grain Soft Point Bullet.  Box is very good.  $150.00. NOW $80.00.


PR38.  Winchester 7 m/m Soft Point Center Fire Cartridges.  175 Grain Soft Point Bullets.  Adapted to MAUSER AND REMINGTON RIFLES.  Box is in good condition with a small end label tear.  Ammo is very good.  $90.00.  NOW $70.00.


PR39.  Western SUPER X 22 Hornet.  45 Grain Soft Point Lubaloy Jacketed Bullet.  Box is good but has a wrinkle on the upper left.  $85.00.  NOW $75.00.


PR40.  Winchester 38-55 Winchester 255 gr. S.P.  Oliver Winchester is a salute to the man and his ideals.  Box is very good.  $140.00.  NOW $70.00.


PR41.  Winchester 405 Win.  300 Gr. FP.  2008 Limited Edition Collector's Series honoring Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States.  Box is mint but please excuse the glare.  $180.00.  NOW $150.00.  


PR42.   Remington UMC 25 STEVENS SHORT.  Black Powder. Specially Adapted for 25 STEVENS, REMINGTON AND WINCHESTER SINGLE SHOT RIFLES.  BOX IS VERY GOOD.  $130.00.


PR43.  Remington 32 LONG COLT.  82 GRS Lead Bullet.  Box is good.  $150.00.  NOW $90.00.


PR44.  Peters RUSTLESS 25 SHORT STEVENS.  Rim Fire Cartridges Lead Bullet Internally Lubricated Smokeless powder.  Box is good but there is writing on the bottom.  $125.00 


PR45.  Winchester 30-30 Winchester.  1894-1994 Centennial Winchester Model 94 Special Edition Cartridges.  Box is Mint.  $90.00. 


PR46.  Peters RUSTLESS 38-40 Winchester.  180 Grain Soft Point Bullet.  Box is very good.  $100.00. 25% OFF


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